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I don't want to stop dreaming the impossible if only just to please other people

3 July
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I LOVE shipping 2 characters I love.
Anyway here's a list I'm interested in :
L/Light ( Death Note )
Levi/Eren ( Shingeki No Kyojin )
Tezuka/Fuji ( Prince of Tennis )
Hiei/Kurama ( Yu Yu Hakusho )
Vayne/Roxis ( Mana Khemia Al Revis )
Kakashi/Iruka ( Naruto )
Minato/Naruto ( Naruto )
Morinaga/Souichi ( Koisuru Boukun )
Gon/Killua ( HunterxHunter )

In real life I have a hard time supressing myself from going insane shipping these :
Ohno/Nino - Ohmiya [ 嵐 ]
Akanishi/Kamenashi - AkaKame [ KAT-TUN ]
Tsuyoshi/Koichi - TsuyoKoi [ Kinki Kids ]

Derek/Stiles - Sterek [ Teen Wolf ]

Especially now I'm totally literally fangirling over Ohmiya. Really. So I decided to just let my inner desire free by pouring my time hunting for fics as materials to read of.
It costs A LOT of my time, but I won't do otherwise since I intend to escape from my reality's misery and loneliness by staying if not a fraction of my life in this paradise called shipping!!!
I'll be grateful if you guys ( who read and still reading and checking out my crazy profile despite the dramatic and over-ing something, thanks btw :) ) recommend me some fics you thought I should check out. Of course please recommend fics that pairing is the one I'm shipping. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not recommend me fics with my shipping with other people like for example: Nin* with MJ-san or etc because I totally ship Nin* excusively with O. NO OTHERS please.

Idk why but maybe I'm just possesive and hardcore over the pairing I love like that. I admit I'm very fanatic over something I've decided on. So it's no use trying to convince me to try reading the fic. Idc you think it is super great if my pairing got shipped with others.
Although ( this is the exception ), I don't mind if my pairing is being shipped with others ( OC or not ) in the early chapter or in the middle of it as TEMPORARY partner, AS LONG AS IN THE END he ended up with my shipping character period.
BUT I DO NOT accept threesome of my pairing even if they are OC or not.
Because I fully support the notion if you love someone, you don't need others. Everytime I read the character I love being with X even though I very much love him with this other character, I ALWAYS feel so SO bad, I had a hard time erasing that story from my mind.
So please spare me from that if the pairing didn't ended together in the end.
So recommend fics with that category please if you want or will. I appreciate it buddy.

I'm totally in love with cats, cheetah cubs and any furry animals that they just rocked my inner self to go Awwww-ing over them.
I even think the so-called baby cuteness is a big ZERO to them.
In fact, I totally coo over the animals but totally went disinterested and unaffected over ' baby's supposed cuteness'. Is that bad? Hmm.. me, I don't think so.

I love yaoi and sometimes shounen ai. You know boyxboy romance, or hot smutty gay stuff yes that. BL. I guess hetero pair bored me because yeah typical story with ending I can already guess, predictable plots, or worse the same old plot.
Although the hetero pairing I still like is GrayxClaire from Harvest Moon. Hahaha..

I can speak English, Bahasa, Japanese (don't expect me to speak politely, I learnt by watching anime which often use informal conversation), broken Cantonese ( this is just a mix of Bahasa×Cantonese ) and Medan Hokkien. I'm still learning French and Spanish. Why I know those languages mentioned above?
Well, I was born in a bilingual family I guess. Then I got private classes and since the internet nowadays use Spanish ( like doujinshis) I decided to add Spanish and French ( a substitute for Chinese Mandarin, since although I'm Chinese descendants, I strongly dislike Chinese language, I just can't remember the characters! I think my Chinese language consisted of those asking 'where is the toilet, how much is the price and of course a shout asking for help' ( in case I got robbed or kidnapped )). .___.
I'm still learning. I hate studying but I'm thinking this is for my future, so I just deal with it I guess.

I love cat napping, I love fantasizing over my pairing in public places, whenever I got bored or had free time to waste. Half of those fangirling time is just X-rated and my parents might be mortified that I have been thinking indecent things at public. Or over how forbidden it is. Khekhekhe.
It helps my face is innocent and I'm trying my very best not to grin, chuckle and laugh like a maniac everytime my fantasy and imaginative mind is over riding my brain.
But I wouldn't change my world for that.
Although a nasty smirk one in a while slipped my facade. *Lol*

I'm very grateful to every author that supplied fics on my beloved pairings. They always made my day and I hope and pray they are blessed by thousand of tiny happiness that also greet their days ahead.
I just hope they kept writing and providing the fountain of my happiness.
I mean it people. They brighten my day even if it is small or big one, they cheered me up although they are not by my side, they may not be there in reality, sitting besides me but they worth much more than all the people who acted as if they are my friends and just needed my helps.
When pressure from my parents kept burdening me, you in the digital words ease that burden and I'm forever thankful for that. I think you guys are my very own best friend. So thank you.

Well enough of my life. This is certainly too long for a bio. But that is just me rambling and getting caught in moments.
I'd love to talk and chat if you are not disturbed by my randomness and overacting self. I confessed sometimes I'm quite cynical and negative, but other times I can be very optimistic. Contradicting much?
I admit it can get quite disgusting as I took a liking and warmed up more to you. But I will be your most faithful company you could have if you accept and deal with my over-bearing self. I won't promise I'll be there always but I can assure I always try my best to be there so.. *clear throat*
Oh God, this is too sappy..
Anyway, let's get along!! ;D

PS : Just leave a message to me or email me for some private chat. Idm.
Oh and I don't have tumblr, fb, twitter ( some I have but I rarely used, once a year? ). Just email and LINE.
If I got caught by reality I can took my time to reply so please just wait for me. Or try again, maybe it got to my spam box. Peace!!!!! ^ ^

-Naoki is fine, but you giving me nicknames can be endearing too-